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After a  devastating fire, EGE Products found themselves needing a new office facility. While at Bruce McMillan AIA Architects, we collaborated with Conant Construction  to create a unique design that would serve their present needs and allow for future growth. Taking inspiration from the clients' agricultural history and surroundings, a utilitarian grain bin was transformed into the centerpiece of the design, serving as the anchor of the building on the exterior and as a multi-functional meeting room on the inside.


The building houses offices,  formal and informal meeting spaces, break area, a lab that is situated to take advantage of views and to be accessible while keeping the rest of the building secure, and a full basement ready for future growth. The offices in the basement are daylit with building-length egress window wells. Under the grain bin, the concrete foundation walls create a solid safe room.

Commercial [Agriculture]

Minneola, KS

Completed: 2020

Photos by Camryn Lee Photography

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