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A realistic budget will help to make any project successful. Even though design fees add to the construction budget, proper planning before beginning construction can help you save money in the end, both in construction costs and in the functionality of your building and its ability to make your life easier or your business more successful.


For an initial consultation to discuss the scope of your project and potentially visit your site, there is a one-time $50 fee that will be waived should you choose to continue working with me.



If you are looking at a Basic, Plus, or Pro package and we can clearly define the scope of work at the initial consultation, a guaranteed-maximum design fee can be established based on project scope and timeline.


These can be added to any package; if so, the cost will be included in the design fee. If you don't have a well-defined scope of work and want to explore your options, you can choose any of the service items or extras to begin exploring. These will be billed at an hourly rate.


You might have a design already in mind, and you might even have a sketch, but you just need it put into a format that can be used for construction. My many  years of experience with computer-aided drafting (2D "blueprints") and building information modeling (3D computer models) can help you to efficiently find the format you need for your project. Drafting fees are also billed at an hourly rate.

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