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You've probably seen the TV shows where the homeowners get to see a 3D computer model of what their house will look like once construction is complete -- before they spend any money on construction -- and decide whether they like the proposed design ideas or if they want to make any design changes. We can do exactly that with your home project, from interior remodels to additions to a completely new house. We will work through how to make your home work best for how you live and then you'll be able to see images or a video of what your project could look like, down to the color of paint on the walls and the type of flooring plus any furniture you want to include in the space.

Below are some "existing" and final "design concept" images of an exterior remodel project, as an example of the type of images you can expect to see. The client wanted to create a more cohesive look with the materials of the exterior. The existing materials included a medium-red brick and beige vinyl siding.





The client desired wood gable beams, a new covered entry, a small additional garage space for maintenance items, a new exterior seating area at the front of the house and a revised deck on the rear of the house, and possible board-and-batten siding above the brick on the two-story section of the house. With this process, we were able to explore several different deck configurations, multiple front-entry options, and many combinations of new siding material. In the end, the client decided on an all-brick exterior siding material, painted white, along with a multi-tier rear deck that accommodated the existing split-level home and also will take advantage of the great views.

At this point in the process, we can start working with a contractor to determine construction costs. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the contractor can either work with the images to complete the construction project, as is the case with the exterior remodel shown below, or we can create construction drawings that the contractor can use to build from, complete with dimensions, details, and specific material information.

Keep checking back as we complete more home projects and add more images!





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